The First Baptist Youth Ministry (6th-12th grade) focuses on the goal of "Finding Our Path Through Christ!" We journey together by focusing on four pillars of our christian life:

  1. Missions- We seek to serve others so that Christ's love can be seen through us.
  2. Fellowship- Our ministry seeks to develop life-long relationships with fellow students and adult leaders in a safe environment.
  3. Service- We fully participate in the life of our church including leading in worship and serving in leadership roles throughout the congregation. 
  4. Education-  We study the Bible to develop our spiritual formation in Christ through creative ways of learning together. 

Weekly Schedule:

         9:45-10:45    MS/HS Sunday School
       11:00-Noon    Worship
          5:00-7:00    Foundation Groups (dinner included)

          5:00-6:00    Family Night Meal
          6:00-7:00    Root -Bible Study