Adult Sunday School Classes

Young Adult Class

A class for both married and singles mostly in the 20's and early 30's. The class is designed to support one another through the many transitional times of young adulthood. The class meets in the parlor. 

Lost and Found Class

A lively group of married and singles, with and without children, mostly ages 25-45. The class uses non-traditional literature and Formations literature. Meet in Room 200-E.

Disciples Class

Co-ed, married and singles, ages 45+. Class studies vary. Fellowship events, mission outreach, and ministry events are held on a regular basis. Meet in Room 208.

Chris Newton Class

Co-ed, married and singles, ages 45+. Currently studying Formations literature. Meet in Room 201.

Ladies Study Class

Women, single and married, ages 60+. Study Formations literature and support variety of church sponsored and class projects. Meet in Room 200-C.

Service Class

Women, ages 65+. Five teachers alternate Sundays. Elect class officers, have an active social committee, and participate in quarterly projects.  Class scripture is 1 Peter 4:1. Meet in Room 200-B. 

Ed Whitley Class

Men’s class, ages 65+ – mainly study Formations literature and may engage in special studies. Use multiple teachers. This class began the Morrow Mountain summer ministry in 1969. Meet in Room 200-A.

Gleaners Class

Women, ages 75+. Study Formations literature. Meet in Room 101-D.

Saints Class

Men, ages 80+. Elect class officers and teachers. Have an active card ministry. Meet in Room 101A. 


Youth Sunday School Classes

Middle and high school students meet together in The Foundation (basement).

Children Sunday School Classes

Infants: Room 100-A
Toddlers & Twos: Room 100-D
3 & 4 year olds: Room 100-B
5 year olds: Room 106

1st and 2nd Grades: Room 207
3rd and 4th Grades: Room 209
5th and 6th Grades: Room 203

First Baptist Church takes very seriously the need to provide a safe and protective environment for your child or children. We operate a first-class pager system for young children during Sunday School and worship. Each child is checked in and a wristband is attached to the child; the wristband matches a pager carried by a parent or caregiver. Should a need arise to contact you during Sunday School or worship, the pager will vibrate to notify you to come to the children's classrooms. Only the person with the corresponding pager can pick up a child. We also maintain video cameras in the children's rooms and inside and outside the church property.