Vision: Our vision is to be a community of believers demonstrating Christ's love to all. 

Mission: The mission of FBC Albemarle is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating an environment where people are encouraged and equipped to develop intimacy with God, to build a Spirit-filled community within, and to reach out to others in partnership with Christ and the greater Christian community.

Core Values

  • Our church seeks always to affirm all the principles which have defined Baptists historically including "Priesthood of the Believer," "Soul Competency," "Separation of Church and State," and "Autonomy of the Local Church." We embrace the "Baptist Faith and Message" (1963 version) as a clear and concise written document of what Baptist believe, we do not elevate it, or any other document, to the status of binding doctrine of the church.
  • Our church views scripture as God's Holy Word. We also believe that the Bible is a means to an end. The Bible is a guidebook which helps us discover God's Will for our lives. The Bible should never become the thing we worship, for God provided us with the Bible so we could better worship and serve Him. As Christians first and Baptists, second, we also affirm that all Scripture should be interpreted through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • First Baptist respects all persons of faith, and though our theology and practice is based on historic Baptist principles, we affirm that other Christian faiths hold dear the essential truths of the gospel, and therefore, we strive to cooperate with all the churches of Albemarle regardless of denomination, and we specifically work closely with the downtown churches in planning and coordinating ecumenical events.
  • Our church affirms the reality that God's call is unique and personal to each life and it is not limited by gender. Both women and men are free to answer God's call of service. 
  • Our church recognizes that some marriages fail, and we affirm the reality that God's grace covers the failures of all believers. Past missteps do not hinder opportunities for present and future service at First Baptist Church. 
  • First Baptist celebrates the diversity of Baptists by giving members the freedom to choose which denominational organization a percentage of their tithes and offerings will support. We currently have members who choose to support either the Southern Baptist Convention or the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Corporately, First Baptist supports both organizations with our congregational gifts.