fbc albemarle


At First Baptist, we are a worshipping church. We gather each Sunday morning at 11:00 AM for a traditional Baptist worship service. We greet one another, say the Lord’s Prayer together, gather offering, sing the Doxology, share a moment with our children, are led in worship by a talented Sanctuary Choir, and hear the word of God read and spoken.

In support of worship at FBC we have a strong Music Ministry, led by our Minister of Music, Rev. Aza Hudson. We have an Audio/Visual Team that handles the sound as well as producing a video of our service each week. The sanctuary is prepared for worship by our Sanctuary Decoration Team.

As Christians in the Baptist tradition, we recognize two ordinances or sacraments — Baptism and Communion. We have a Baptism Team and a Communion team that help us prepare for those special services of worship.

Explore each of those teams below — if you are interested in learning more or becoming involved in one of the teams, simply fill out the form on that team’s page.

We hope you will join us soon for worship at FBC Albemarle!